We play a wide range of modern board games. These range from the serious to the silly, the strategic to the random, the competitive to the cooperative, and most nights we have at least two or three tables going at a time so there is always a choice.

We don’t play the old “classics” that you see in most high street stores (such as Monopoly and Cluedo), but rather newer games which tend to be shorter and give you more decisions to make. If you’re not familiar with these sorts of games, a good place to find out about them is the website

Popular games with our group include One Night Ultimate Werewolf, Scythe, Azul, Terraforming Mars, Flamme Rouge and Cockroach Poker, but we play lots of others as well!

The group does not own a communal set of games, so each week our members bring a selection of their own and we choose which of those we would like to play. Between us, we have hundreds of games available. You can see examples of them here: Games we own.

Not everyone brings or even owns games so don’t worry if you don’t have anything to bring – just come along and there should be plenty to choose from!

You can see what games we have been playing recently by looking at the weekly update posts on this site or by clicking here: Recent games played.